Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff

Fr Dr Daniel Ghabrial

Lecturer in Pastoral Theology
and Ministry Studies
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Dr Lisa Agaiby

Academic Dean
Senior Lecturer in Coptic Studies
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Mr Shadi Nessim

Associate Lecturer in Coptic (Bohairic) Language and Liturgy
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Fr Abanoub Attalla

Associate Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Ministry
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Fr Dr Gregorios (Magdi) Awad

Senior Lecturer in Ancient Languages, Church History and Systematic Theology
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Fr Shenouda Boutros

Associate Lecturer in Systematic Theology
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Dr Samir Ibrahim OAM

Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Ministry
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Mr Ashraf Gerges

Associate Lecturer in Iconography
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Fr Dr Jacob Joseph

Lecturer in Theology and Mission
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Dr Amir Malek

Lecturer in Biblical Studies
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Mr Abraam Mikhail

Associate Lecturer in Systematic Theology, and Church History
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Dr Katherin Papadopoulos

Research Co-ordinator
Lecturer in History and Church History
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Fr Michael Salib

Associate Lecturer in Religious Education, Mission and Ministry
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Rev. Dr Nebojsa Tumara

Senior Lecturer in Biblical Languages, Religious Studies and Old Testament
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Assoc. Prof. Youhanna Youssef

Assoc. Prof. in Church History and Ancient Languages
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Prof. Heike Behlmer

Sessional Lecturer in Ancient Languages (Coptic)
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Fr Prof. John Behr

Sessional Lecturer in Patristics and Theology
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Ms Ireni Farag

Sessional Associate Lecturer in Professional Counselling
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Prof. Karel C. Innemée

Honorary Research Fellow and Sessional Lecturer in Late Antique Art and Architecture
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Mr Hany Takla

Sessional Lecturer in Liturgical Studies
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