The Bachelor of Theology consists of 24 units and critically examines life and faith through study of the Bible, theological traditions and historical contexts. The Bachelor of Theology assists students to develop knowledge across broad areas of theology, as well as depth in areas of interest. It develops research and communication skills, and prepares graduates for further theological study.

Study Modes

The Bachelor of Theology can be studied fully online, on campus or a combination of both.

Entry Requirements
Successful completion of Year 12 in an Australian Secondary School or equivalent.
Probationary admission is available to approved persons aged 21 or greater who have not completed Year 12.
Students can commence coursework in Semester 1 and Semester 2.

Course Duration
Three years full-time or up to nine years part-time not including any approved periods of leave of absence.

A maximum of eight units may be obtained in credit for completed degree level work done at other recognised tertiary institutions. A completed degree automatically carries four units of general credit, and another two units credit may be obtained in Field A, depending on the major taken for the degree. For credit to be obtained in the other three fields of study, the units concerned must closely parallel the content of the subject areas within those fields. Transfer credits are also possible. The total number of credits and transfer credits cannot exceed 240 points. Credits are normally limited to courses completed not more than 10 years ago.

Course Structure
The Bachelor of Theology requires the completion of 24 units (360 credit points)
4 units (60 credit points) in Biblical Studies (Field B) with at least 15 points from each Testament
2 units (30 credit points) in Church History (CH)
4 units (60 credit points) in Systematic Theology (CT)
2 units (30 credit points) in a discipline or disciplines of Field D
A further 180 credit points
Not more than 180 credit points at level 1
Must include at least 90 credit points at level 3 including 30 points in Field B or CT

Fees for 2019 are $1,584 per unit of study or $38,016 for the whole course (24 units)

Payment Options
Up front by Creditcard, BPay or cheque
Parish Sponsorship

For more information see the Bachelor of Theology Information on the University of Divinity website.