Current Students

Domestic and Overseas Students

Welcome back to another semester at SAC. We hope your studies have been rewarding and will continue to be both enjoyable and informative.

For any enquiries, please use the Contact form


Re-enrolment Information 

Students who are continuing their course unchanged should complete the Reenrolment Form for Coursework Students (Domestic and Overseas). Please download and complete the form. For assistance in completing your application, refer to the Guide to Completing Enrolment Forms.

To update your personal information including name, contact, citizenship, visa, medical or disability details, use the Personal Details Amendment form. If you wish to change any of the following information, please see the relevant section on the Enrolment Variations page:

  • Change your units*
  • Change your course*
  • Change or defer your current studies*

*Please take note of the information below to avoid any unanticipated costs or academic penalties when varying enrolments.

Before Census Date: Students can withdraw/change without financial or academic penalty (i.e. a ”fail” grade). See Enrolment dates

After Census Date and before the end of Week 8: Students will have to pay the full unit fee but will not incur an academic penalty (˜fail” grade). See Enrolment dates.

No form received: Students will have a fail grade registered against any units they enrolled in, and forfeit any fees paid.For any enquiries, please use the Contact form


Important Information for International Students on a Student Visa

You need to re-enrol each year by the last Friday of January. Your remaining fees must be paid two weeks before the start of each semester. Please note that under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, University of Divinity is compelled to report to regulatory bodies within 5 business days from date of default, students who do not pay fees prior to the commencement of classes. This may lead to Visa cancellations.


Research Applications and Submissions

Minor Thesis

The Minor Thesis (MT) is a substantial piece of writing (16,000 words) that can be taken as a component of a number of postgraduate courses, including a Masters by coursework degree (for example, Master of Theological Studies or Master of Divinity) and some Graduate Diplomas, and is the core component of the Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology. Successful completion of a Minor Thesis is a requirement for HDR admission. 

In addition to the re-enrolment procedure, a Minor Thesis Approval Form must be completed by the student and supervisor and submitted for approval to the SAC Academic Dean at least one week prior to the semester census date.

Minor Thesis Grading Criteria

Minor Thesis Submission Form


Supervised Reading Unit

In addition to the re-enrolment procedure, a Supervised Reading Unit Approval Form must be completed by the student and supervisor and submitted for approval to the SAC Academic Dean at least one week prior to the semester census date. Students may link this unit and its assessment tasks to an existing unit or participation or presentation in a scholarly conference during the semester in which the unit is taken. In consultation with the supervisor, students may audit a coursework unit related to an SRU to guide their reading, thinking and writing.


All Other Forms

If you are unable to find the form you need from those above, please contact the Registrar or see all the forms here.