Changes to Enrolment

Domestic and Overseas Students

Please see the information below if you wish to make changes to your enrolment, course, unit, payment or study information.


1. Change of Units*

After enrolling you have until the census date to make changes without financial penalty. If a change is required e.g. withdrawal from a unit or adding an additional unit, you MUST complete the Unit of Study Amendment Form and submit it to the Registrar.

Unit of Study Amendment Form

2. Update Personal Information*

To update your personal information including name, contact, citizenship, visa, medical or disability details, use the Personal Details Amendment Form before the due dates.

Personal Details Amendment

3. Change How You Pay Fees

To make changes to how your course fees are being paid, use the Change in Fee Payment Method Form.

4. Change of Course*

Students should use the Coursework Course and Unit Transfer Form before census date to:

  1. Change from one course to another, usually involving the transfer of all units from the current course to the new course.

  2. Transfer units from one course to another.

Coursework Course and Unit Transfer Form

5. Change or Defer Your Current Studies*

To make changes to any other aspect of your enrolment, you will need to complete one or more of the following forms in addition to the re-enrolment form. For more information, please contact the Registrar.

Change of Home College Form

Course Variation or Extension

Enrolment Variation Form (Deferral, Leave, Withdraw from Course)

Application for External Study Form (for UD students seeking approval to take units at other institutions)


*Please take note of the information below to avoid any unanticipated costs or academic penalties when varying enrolments.

Before Census Date: Students can withdraw/change without financial or academic penalty (i.e. “fail” grade). See Enrolment dates 

After Census Date and before the end of Week 8: Students will have to pay the full unit fee but will not incur an academic penalty (i.e. “fail” grade). See Enrolment dates 

No form received: Students will have a fail grade registered against any units they enrolled in, and forfeit any fees paid.

For more information please complete a web enquiry form here.