Fr James Nessim

Administrative Officer
Associate Lecturer in Coptic (Bohairic) Language and Liturgy

DipTheol, GDTheol, MChiroSc, MEd, MTh, 


Fr James (Shadi) Nessim received a Master in Theological Studies from the University of Divinity, where his thesis focused on the Coptic Theotokia and its patristic influences. He has served as a member of the University of Divinity Academic Board, and at SAC is an accredited associate lecturer and tutor of Coptic (Bohairic) language, and Liturgy. His research interests include Coptic language, Coptic and Arabic literature and liturgy, and the history of the Egyptian Church. Ordained to the priesthood in 2024, Fr James serves at the parish of St Mina and St. Marina’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Hallam, Melbourne.



  • DipTheol - University of Divinity
  • GDTheol - University of Divinity
  • MTh - University of Divinity
  • MEd - Victoria University
  • MChiroSc - RMIT University

Recent Research Outputs


Nessim, Shadi Kiryakos (2023). Robber to Repentant: The Life and Sayings of Abba Moses the Strong. (Texas: St Mary and St Moses Abbey Press). ISBN: ‎978-1939972743

Nessim, Shadi Kiryakos (2023). Bulus al-Bushi: Commentary on the Apocalypse, Biblica 2 (Cairo: St Macarius Press). ISBN: 978-1735071350


Peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters

(2021) “In Likeness and Commemoration: Pseudo-Sāwīres Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ on Sacred Images.” Phronema 36.2 (Sydney: St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College), pp. 55-81.

(2021) Agaiby, Lisa and Shady Nessim. “The Cenotaph in the Cave Church of St. Paul the Hermit.” In: Copts in Modernity. Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity (22), eds. Lisa Agaiby, Mark N. Swanson, Nelly van Doorn Harder (Leiden & Boston: Brill), pp. 321-356.

(2018) “‘If someone contemplates you, O holy Virgin and Mother of God.’ A Patristic Evaluation of the Coptic Theotokia: Monday and Tuesday Theotokia.” Bulletin de la Société d’Archéologie Copte, 57 (Cairo: Société d’Archéologie Copte), pp. 35-53.