Master of Divinity

Postgraduate Coursework Programs

Master of Divinity

3 years full-time, or up to 9 years part-time

The Master of Divinity consists of 18 units (432 points) and is a first degree in theology for graduates from other disciplines. The degree offers a high level of theological study and provides an appropriate foundation for ministry formation and further study. The Master of Divinity serves as an alternative to the Bachelor of Theology degree, with a distinct emphasis on integration, research and theological reflection.

COST: $3,172 per post-graduate unit.

ADMISSION CRITERIA: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree.

FOLLOW ON STUDY: Graduates who have completed their M.Div with a Distinction–High Distinction average and have completed a Minor Thesis of 16,000 words achieving a grade of more than or equal to 75% may be eligible for admission to Higher Degrees by Research.



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