Dr Carolyn Alsen

HDR Supervisor in the disciplines of Biblical Studies, Education Studies, Religious Education, and Biblical Languages

BA (Linguistics and Music), GradDipAppLing, GradDipEd, MA (Biblical Studies), MLE (Linguistics and Exegesis), PhD (Hebrew Bible)


Dr Carolyn Alsen has significant experience in higher education teaching, curriculum design and study skills in Australian and North American Universities.

At SAC, Carolyn is an accredited supervisor in the disciplines of Biblical Studies, Education Studies, Religious Education, and Biblical Languages, Carolyn is a linguist, educator and biblical scholar, and her research interests include the analysis of biblical narrative, translation studies and biblical Semitics.


  • BA – University of Queensland
  • GD (Linguistics) – SIL
  • Grad Dip Ed – University of Queensland
  • MLE (Linguistics and Exegesis) – Trinity Western University, Vancouver
  • MA (Biblical Studies) – Trinity Western University, Vancouver
  • PhD (Hebrew Bible) – University of Divinity

Recent Research Outputs

Peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters

(2024). Alsen, Carolyn. “Seeing Biblical Worlds Through Surveillance,” Biblical Interpretation Vol 32: 1–25. Open Access Link

(2024). Alsen, Carolyn and Albert Haddad, “Generative Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity,” HEPP-QN: Selected Themes in Higher Education, (Avondale University College Press), forthcoming April 2024.

(2019). Alsen, Carolyn. “Veiled Resistance: The Cognitive Dissonance of Vision in Genesis 38.” Pages 59-82 in Imagined Worlds and Constructed Differences in the Hebrew Bible. Edited by Jeremiah Cataldo. LHBOTS (Bloomsbury/T&T Clark).

(2017). Alsen, Carolyn. “Drones Over Sodom: Resisting the Fantasy of Security.” Pages 24-44 in Ecological Aspects of War: Engagements with Biblical Texts. Edited by Keith Dyer and Anne Elvey. London: Bloomsbury T & T Clark.

(2016). Alsen, Carolyn. “Staring Down the Violence: Surveillance in Genesis.” Colloquium: The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review Vol. 48 No. 2: 161-177.

(2010). Finamor, Carolyn. “Elements of Sentence Construction and Cohesion in Awad Bing.” pages 73-101 in Papers on Six Languages of Papua New Guinea. Edited by Joan Hooley. Canberra: ANU Pacific Linguistics Series.