Audit Participation

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Audit Participation

If you are curious to learn about some of our unit offerings, you are welcome to access our learning environment as an audit student on a not-for-credit basis. An audit participant is one who has paid a nominal fee in order to attend and observe a particular unit. They are not a student of the University of Divinity and consequently are not expected to purchase prescribed text books, undertake prescribed reading, or submit assignment tasks. Audit participants are not issued student cards and do not have borrowing privileges at the Library.

An audit participant is an observer, learning from, but not actively participating in the classroom experience. Students enrolled into formal courses are required to undertake all prescribed reading for the unit and to enter into discussion with lecturers and other students at a level appropriate to their level of study. Audit participants are generally not able to contribute at the required level and are therefore asked to simply observe and learn from the classroom interactions without actively participating in them.

Audit participants may be excluded from classroom sessions that require student interaction in discussions of a high order or a confidential/personal nature.

But this opportunity provides scope for professional development and further learning opportunities for anyone wishing to embrace a less demanding college experience.

APPLY: Please complete the online enrolment form here 

COST: $500 per unit – payable directly to St Athanasius College. Payment by credit card or cheque. 

(Note: fees may be higher for intensive courses/international guest lecturers)