Cross-Institutional Study

Individual units of Study

Cross-Institutional Study

Cross Institutional Studies enable students to undertake units at one institution (the Host Provider) while studying towards an award at another institution (the Home Provider). Units studied at a Host Provider will be credited towards the award at the Home Provider if certain conditions are met. There are two categories of Cross Provider students:

For example, a student may be enrolled in a Diploma in Theology at SAC but apply to study a Missiology unit at the Melbourne School of Theology for credit towards their SAC Diploma. This is an outgoing student.

Or, a student may be enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University and request to complete a unit in Coptic Language at SAC to be included in this award. This is an incoming student.

APPLY: Please complete the Admission Form for Single Subject and Cross-Institutional Students

COST: $2,047 per undergraduate unit or $3,172 per postgraduate unit. Payment by Creditcard, BPay, Cheque, FEE-HELP