Prof. Karel C. Innemée

Honorary Research Fellow and Sessional Lecturer in Late Antique Art and Architecture



Prof. Innemée is an Early Christian art historian and archaeologist who specialises in the Christian Near East. He holds a Ph.D. from Leiden University, Holland, and has been a visiting professor in Coptic Studies at the American University in Cairo, and is currently based at the University of Amsterdam. Prof. Innemée has directed Christian archaeological fieldwork in Egypt, Sudan, Jordan and Syria, and is the director of the conservation project of mural paintings at the 6th century Coptic Monastery of the Syrians (Deir al-Surian) in the Wadi Natrun, Egypt. A sessional lecturer at SAC, Prof. Innemée lectures on Late Antique art and architecture.


  • BA – Leiden University
  • MA – Leiden University
  • PhD – Leiden University

Recent Research Outputs