Research may be defined as creative work that is undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase our theoretical and/or practical knowledge and to apply knowledge in new ways.
Four Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) are available to suitably qualified candidates at St Athanasius College. Research degrees are undertaken under supervision of two approriately accredited supervisors, one of whom must be a research active faculty member of the University of Divinity.
The following degrees are open to graduates of at least four years of full-time tertiary study, including at least one year of study in theology or an associated discipline:
Admission Process
Prospective research students can make contact with the SAC Research Co-ordinator – Dr Lisa Agaiby at any time to discuss their proposed research area, possible supervisors, resources required for the research, and application procedures. Students complete the Domestic or International HDR student application in conjunction with the supervisor and Research Co-ordinator. The application is lodged with the UD Director of Research by the appropriate admission date, and considered by the UD Admissions Working Group.
Confirmation of Candidature
Every candidate must apply for confirmation of candidature, as determined by the UD Academic Board. For doctoral degrees, this will be prior to completion of twelve months of full-time study or part-time equivalent from the date of admission; for master’s degrees this will be prior to six months of full-time study or part-time equivalent from the date of admission. Failure to complete the requirements for confirmation of candidature satisfactorily within the prescribed time constitutes unsatisfactory progress.
Once candidature is confirmed, if necessary the candidate must apply to the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) for ethical clearance of the confirmed research project. No research involving human subjects, or using records not in the public domain, may commence or proceed without written ethical clearance from HREC.
Annual Report of Progress
As a marker of course progress, HDR candidates must submit an Annual Report Form, completed jointly with the Supervisor, and endorsed by the SAC Research Co-ordinator. The Annual Report Form, with the necessary approvals, is to be submitted to the UD Office of Research by 15 November each year.