Worthiness & the Eucharist

Worthiness & the Eucharist

by Fr Dr Gregorios Awad, Lecturer in Ancient Languages, Church History and Systematic Theology

Worthiness to partake of the Eucharist is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Several prayers throughout the liturgy attest to this as the priest and congregation pray for mercy, purity, and holiness. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit which sanctifies and changes the oblation is the same grace that is invoked to work within and transform the people also. For this reason the priest prays, “…that Your Holy Spirit may descend upon us and upon these gifts set forth…”. And later, the priest proclaims that the Holy Eucharist are for the holy people because they have prepared themselves like the five wise virgins who were made worthy by the grace of God and their preparedness to participate in the heavenly banquet (Matt 25:1-13).

The knowledge of God fills all things

St. Athanasius the Great (d.373)

The Word of God thus acted consistently in assuming a body and using a human instrument to vitalise the body. He was consistent in working through man to reveal Himself everywhere, as well as through the other parts of His creation, so that nothing was left void of His Divinity and knowledge. For i I take up order that He might fill all things everywhere with the knowledge of Himself, just as they are already filled with His presence, even as the Divine Scripture says, “The whole universe was filled with the knowledge o the Lord.” (Is. 11:9)