Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (AL8600A)

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Semester: 1, 2022 (21 Feb – 27 May)

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Campus: N/A

Mode: Online

Level: Postgraduate Foundational

Credit: 24

Census: 15 March 2022

13 weekly sessions offered in asynchronous and synchronous modes combining live and pre-recorded lectures, group discussions, readings and online forums

This unit introduces students to Biblical Hebrew as a basis for enhanced study of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and for further study of Biblical Hebrew. Its primary focus is foundational Hebrew vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Translation of selected biblical texts into English is an important component of the subject.

Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic Biblical Hebrew vocabulary
  • Identify the fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew grammar and syntax
  • Translate basic Biblical Hebrew using lexicographical aids
  • Employ their knowledge to read critical exegetical commentaries on biblical texts
Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Invigilated exam Exam 1,000 20
Other Weekly quizzes and short answers 5,000 80

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