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Vaccination information
and the University of Divinity
Why is COVID-19 vaccination evidence collected?

The University of Divinity is required to collect evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status for verification purposes to ensure the safety of all members of the University and to meet Victorian government directives that all students and staff attending on-campus activities at the University or one of its Colleges in Victoria have been fully vaccinated or hold a valid medical exemption.

How will this affect me?

Students: Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status for students is collected through the admission and enrolment process and retained by the University in its student management system, Paradigm.

Staff: Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status for staff is collected and retained by the employer (the University, or one of its Colleges).

Visitors and Contractors: All visitors and contractors attending onsite at the University or one of its Colleges in Victoria must provide evidence that they have been fully vaccinated or hold a valid medical exemption. This may be done by checking in with the Service Victoria application or by providing hard copy documentation.

How will student information be collected?

· Admission, enrolment and re-enrolment forms have been updated to include the collection of Vaccination Status information including the type of vaccination received (which must be on the approved list) and the date of the last vaccination.

· Verification documentation is collected by the student’s home College or directly by the University

· Each College enters the relevant vaccination information into the student management system (Paradigm).

What will be done with my information?

The University is committed to respecting the privacy of all University members and of associated individuals who attend the various University sites. The collection of information relating to COVID-19 vaccination all activities relating to the management of this personal information (storage, use and disposal) is governed in accordance with the University’s Privacy Policy, Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic), Health Records Act 2001 (Vic), Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).

Vaccination information will be used to monitor the enrolment of students in onsite or blended units to ensure all students are fully vaccinated. Students who do not supply evidence of vaccination or of a valid medical exemption will not be permitted to enrol in onsite or blended units and may only enrol in online units. The University’s Student Services team will run regular audits during teaching periods and advise Colleges of any discrepancies to ensure full compliance.

What if I am not fully vaccinated?

Students who are not fully vaccinated are still permitted to enrol at the University but may only study online and are not permitted to attend University or College facilities.

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