Mary in the Coptic Tradition (DL9330A)

mary in coptic tradition

Semester: 2, 2022 (25 Jul – 28 Oct)

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Campus: N/A

Mode: Online

Level: Postgraduate Elective

Credit: 24

Census: 16 Aug 2022

13 weekly sessions offered in asynchronous and synchronous modes combining live and pre-recorded lectures, group discussions, readings and online forums

This unit will explore the understanding of the Virgin Mary in ecclesiology, Christology, iconography, and liturgy within the Coptic tradition. A critical engagement with scripture through a patristic lens will be developed to understand the Virgin Mary’s position in the Christian tradition throughout the centuries. Students will examine Marian doctrines as observed and expressed in Copto-Arabic literature as well as reappraise the liturgical tradition and practice surrounding Mary in the ancient, medieval, and modern Coptic tradition.

Learning outcomes
  • Evaluate the Coptic church`s teaching and its understanding of the Virgin Mary
  • Critically analyse and compare the ecumenical practices and representations
  • Critically evaluate the biblical and patristic texts relating to the theology of the Virgin Mary
  • Demonstrate a capacity to research a specific topic in a critically rigorous, sustained and self-directed manner
  • Assess critically the liturgical and iconographical representations in various traditions
Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Written assessment Essay 4,000 50
Written assessment Essay 4,000 50

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