St Gregory the Theologian (CT9520A)

St Gregory the Theologian

Semester: 2, 2022 (25 Jul – 28 Oct)

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Campus: N/A

Mode: Online 

Level: Postgraduate Elective

Credit: 24

Census: 16 Aug 2022

This unit will be offered online (synchronous and asynchronous) by Dr Katherin Papadopoulos and Mr Abraam Mikhail and will contain a face to face component with Prof. John Behr in late August (date to be confirmed).

This unit will proceed through a close reading of the primary texts (in translation, with close analysis of selected passages in Greek), covering the wide range of St Gregory’s interests and the primary genres in which he wrote, epistolary, poetry and homiletic. Students will be expected to familiarise themselves with contemporary scholarship on St Gregory and to examine aspects of his writings or thought, engaging with a broad range of secondary material.

Learning outcomes
  • Explore relevant patristic texts in terms of genre, historical context and theological contribution
  • Appraise the theological vision of St Gregory
  • Examine the theological streams that flowed into the work of St Gregory
  • Critically evaluate the role of the works of St Gregory in the establishment of Nicene theology
  • Investigate the material studied in relation to contemporary theological, exegetical, and hermeneutical issues


Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Written assessment Essay 3,000 50
Written assessment Critical Review 1,000 20
Written assessment Essay 2,000 30

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