History of Orthodox Missiology (CH8800A)

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Semester: 1, 2022 (21 Feb – 27 May)

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Campus: N/A

Mode: Online

Level: Postgraduate Foundational

Credit: 24

Census: 15 March 2022

13 weekly sessions offered in asynchronous and synchronous modes combining live and pre-recorded lectures, group discussions, readings and online forums

This unit will examine the historical development of the Orthodox Missiology by situating it in the key Orthodox mission movements from the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions. There will be a distinctive focus on the mission models of the Coptic Orthodox tradition. The unit will cover matters such as: the origin, the development, the mission tasks in the social, cultural, and diaspora milieus of the Orthodox mission; the lives, ministries, and methods of the most significant Orthodox missionaries; and the biblical, theological, liturgical and historical perspectives of the Orthodox witness that informed the Orthodox mission activities in various historical contexts. The unit will critically look into several historical approaches that took shape in engaging the Orthodox evangelisation.

Learning outcomes
  • Articulate an advanced understanding of the origin and the development of Orthodox missiology
  • Demonstrate a critical comprehension of the mission challenges and Orthodox mission movements
  • Critically evaluate the work and functioning of varieties of Orthodox mission agencies
  • Communicate awareness of how the Orthodox mission history is central to carrying out the mission activities in the domestic and diaspora contexts
  • Analyse the historical and theological foundations of Orthodox mission
  • Demonstrate the capacity to research a specific topic in a critically rigorous, sustained and self-directed manner
Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Written assessment Critical Review 1,250 20
Written assessment Critical Review 1,250 20
Written assessment Essay 3,500 60

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