The Lives and Times of the Desert Fathers (CH3500A)

desert fathers

Semester: 1, 2022 (21 Feb – 27 May)

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Campus: N/A

Mode: Online

Level: Undergraduate Level 3

Credit: 18

Census: 15 March 2022

13 weekly sessions offered in asynchronous and synchronous modes combining live and pre-recorded lectures, group discussions, readings and online forums

This unit will engage students in advanced study of the pioneers and centres of the early monastic movement in Egypt and their impact on the spread of the movement throughout the Late Roman Empire. It will consider the various theological viewpoints that became prominent in Late Antique Egypt, and its impact in Egyptian monastic circles.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the protagonists and the centres of the Egyptian monastic movement in Late Antiquity
  • Articulate an advanced understanding of the variations in Egyptian monastic practice and the impact this had on a monk’s daily life
  • Critically engage with the various theologies that became prominent in Egypt during late antiquity and how this impacted and challenged monastic circles
  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the impact Egyptian monasticism had on the spread of the movement throughout the Late Roman Empire
Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Written assessment Essay 2,500 50
Written assessment Essay 2,500 50

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