St Athanasius College is one of 11 colleges which comprise the University of Divinity.

The University of Divinity is an Australian University of Specialisation that has existed since 1910 as a provider of high quality theological scholarship for churches, religious orders, and wider society in Australian and internationally.

St Athanasius College has been part of the University since 2012 and is critical to the University’s vision because of its grounding in the Coptic Orthodox tradition and the quality of its scholarship, service of the community, and contribution to Australian society.

The University of Divinity promotes the highest standards of scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry.

Through scholarship, the University aims to address the issues of the contemporary world.

Founded in 1910 as the Melbourne College of Divinity, the University has a long history of pursuing and achieving these aims.

All students and staff join the University through one of its Colleges. Based in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, each College is a unique learning community.

The Colleges are supported by a wide range of churches and religious orders that together resource the University as a whole.

The University’s work is further resourced by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, which provides support to the Colleges and the University’s Council and Academic Board.

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