Supervised Reading Units

Students may undertake specialised study with the guidance of an appropriate supervisor in a Supervised Reading Unit (SRU).

Undergraduate students may enrol in an SRU as a Level 3 unit (undergraduate) or as a Level 9 unit (postgraduate) An SRU is a 15-point unit (5,000-6,000 words).

In addition to the re-enrolment procedure, an SRU Approval Template must be completed by the student and supervisor and submitted for approval to theAcademic Dean (Rev. Dr. Peter Dobson) one week prior to the semester census date. Students may link this unit and its assessment tasks to an undergraduate or postgraduate unit or to participation or presentation in a scholarly conference during the semester in which the unit is taken.


Minor Thesis

The purpose of the 16,000-word minor thesis is to demonstrate advanced theoretical knowledge in one or more disciplines and to assess the capacity of the candidate to undertake further independent research and learning. Students undertaking these extended Research Essays will be expected to show advanced cognitive, technical and communication skills that enable them to review, consolidate, synthesise and evaluate critically a broad body of knowledge. Students undertake their research with a suitably qualified supervisor in the chosen discipline of study.

Eligible students may apply to enrol in a 16,000-word minor thesis either as a single subject enrolment or as part of a postgraduate coursework award. Students may elect to take the Research Essay in a single semester, or across two consecutive semesters.

A student who receives a final mark of Distinction (75%) or above may, subject to meeting all other admission requirements, apply for admission to a higher degree by research at the University of Divinity.

Students should discuss the option of undertaking a minor thesis with the Research Coordinator (Dr Lisa Agaiby) during the semester prior to enrolling in the Minor Thesis. Students who have agreed on a research topic with a qualified supervisor may enrol in the Minor Thesis at the beginning of the semester. Students must complete a 16,000-word Minor Thesis Outline, together with their supervisor, and return an electronic version of the outline for approval to the Academic Dean (Rev. Dr. Peter Dobson) one week prior to the census date of the semester in which the minor thesis commences.


For further information, see the University of Divinity website.