About SAC Press

SAC Press is the publishing arm of St Athanasius College (SAC), a Coptic Orthodox theological college located in Melbourne, Australia. The boutique publishing house was founded in 2016 under the leadership of the SAC Chancellor and Dean, Bishop Associate Professor Suriel.  His Grace established the publishing venture as he recognised the need for quality Coptic Orthodox texts to be printed and distributed to reading audiences. SAC Press publications seek to preserve Coptic identity, facilitate Christian formation and encourage spiritual nourishment.

 The Coptic Studies Series

The Coptic Studies Series, also launched in 2016, is the fruit of a successful publishing partnership forged between St Vladimir’s Seminary (SVS) Press, New York and St Athanasius College (SAC) Press, Melbourne.

The Coptic Studies Series was instigated with a two-fold purpose. Firstly, to increase the accessibility of the many treasures of Coptic Orthodox Christianity to engage a broader English-speaking audience; and secondly, to strengthen ties between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches and to serve as an avenue to further collaboration and a better understanding of our history and theology.

The first book published in the Coptic Studies Series was The Life of Repentance and Purity by Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory. This Christian spirituality text was translated from Arabic to English by co-editor of the series and SAC Dean, Bishop Suriel. It went on to become the fastest selling title in the history of SVS Press with 5000 copies sold in a matter of weeks which led to an immediate reprint.

In 2017 SAC Press released the second book in the Coptic Studies Series about the life and work of St Habib Girgis, with the Arabic translation following in 2018. Habib Girgis was a Coptic Archdeacon born in Cairo in 1876. He worked as a leading Coptic Orthodox educator, reformer, publisher and community leader. This title draws from Bishop Suriel’s PhD dissertation thesis, completed through Fordham University USA, and dynamically showcases the remarkable and courageous lived by the Coptic Archdeacon.

A Call for Coptic Themed Manuscripts

SVS/SAC Press invite scholars and authors to submit manuscripts in the field of Coptic Studies including language, history, texts, monasticism, liturgy, theology, art, culture and other related areas. Please send manuscripts to the series editor Bishop Suriel via email: dean@sac.edu.au