About the Study Unit

St Athanasius College (SAC) has scheduled a series of study units over the Summer Semester which will include a new subject called Introduction to the Syriac Language led by Deacon Dr Nebojsa Tumara. This unit introduces students to the Syriac language as a basis for enhanced study of patristic literature preserved in Syriac, Peshitta (the standard Biblical text in Syriac) and for future study of the Syriac language. The emphasis of this unit is foundational Syriac vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Translation of selected biblical texts into English is an important component of this unit. The focus will be on consonant vocalised text written in Estrangelo and Serto scripts and transliterations will be avoided. SAC is a college of the University of Divinity specialising in Coptic Orthodox theological studies. The unit is offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dates for the Classes

  • Tuesday 16 Jamuary
  • Thursday 18 January
  • Tuesday 23 January
  • Thursday 25 January
  • Tuesday 30 January
  • Thursday 1 February
  • Tuesday 6 February
  • Thursday 8 February
  • Tuesday 13 February
  • Thursday 15 February
  • Tuesday 20 February
  • Thursday 22 February
Classes run from 7pm-10pm at the Donvale Campus located at 100 Park Road, and are available online. Enrolments close on 12 January 2018.

For Inquiries

E: pdobson@sac.edu.au T: 03 8872 8452 W: sac.edu.au

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