Research Fee Scholarship (RFS)
The Research Fee Scholarship is funded by the Commonwealth Government to meet the costs of all tuition fees for a maximum of 4 years full-time for domestic and international students. The University of Divinity offers a limited number of RFS places, allocated on a competitive basis each year. All eligible doctoral applicants will be considered for an RTS place on admission. Candidates who are not allocated an RFS place meet tuition costs by upfront payment or Fee-Help; they may reapply for consideration in the following allocation round.
Research Stipend Scholarship
Research Stipend Scholarships are Commonwealth Government scholarships open to domestic or international students who are successfully admitted to HDR programs of the University of Divinity, and are usually awarded in addition to a Research Fee Scholarship (RFS). The RSS is competitively allocated and provides a tax-free living allowance at the minimum level set by the Commonwealth Department of Education. An application form can be found on the University website, and should be submitted by the date indicated.
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
These Commonwealth scholarships are open to overseas students who are admitted to HDR programs of the University of Divinity. An IPRS covers all tuition fees and the health insurance for the candidate and any dependants as required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Guidelines and application form are available on the University website.
Research Grants
The University of Divinity provides funds to HDR students to support the production and dissemination of high quality research by the University. Students may apply for a Small Research Grant of up to $3,000 (and in exceptional circumstances of up to $5,000). This may include funds for:
   a)    attendance or presentation at a research conference.
   b)    the conduct of library or archival research or of fieldwork.
   c)    payment of expenses relating to a peer-reviewed publication, such as copyright permissions, images, or a publisher’s fee.
   d)    purchase of research items such as books, manuscripts, or digital collections.
   e)    undertaking any other activities that lead to the production or dissemination of research.