“If you are a theologian, you will pray truly.  And if you pray truly, you are a theologian.” - Evagrius the Solitary of Pontus.
Studying Orthodox theology is much more than an academic venture. Rather, it is the formation of a human being to reach their full potential, reflecting the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.
Therefore, it is inherent that SAC facilitates opportunities for students to enjoy a rich and diverse range of activities leading to spiritual, emotional and intellectual development in a Christian learning environment.
Our dedicated pastoral program is a vehicle to ensure the students, faculty and staff are spiritually nourished. It includes the annual Lenten retreat, pilgrimage, vesper prayers and liturgies.


Full time and residential students are invited to share in the liturgical life of the college community while under the spiritual direction of their parish priest.
During semester residential and full time students gather in the St Athansius Church in Donvale to participate in prayers, which are as follows:
Monday - Friday
8am-8.30am Morning hour and doxology prayers.


7am-9am Holy Liturgy (on regular days)
1pm-2:30pm Holy Liturgy (during Holy Lent only)


12pm-1:30pm communal lunch and spiritual topic with students and staff.


An annual Lenten Retreat is hosted by the College. For more details about the retreat click here.


To complement studies and an active prayer life, full time and residential students also serve in a ministry which supports the college, diocese or their local parish. The type of community service adopted by each student can be negotiated in discussion with the college Dean and Chaplain.


SAC students have embarked on pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Egypt. Details on future pilgrimages will be announced online, on social media and via the diocesan newsletter.


In addition to this, the college Chaplain, Fr Sheouda Boutros, is available to provide spiritual, pastoral and general support to SAC students and staff, as is required.


Fr Shenouda Boutros
T: 0401 559 580
E: frshenouda@sac.edu.au