St Athanasius College (SAC), a Coptic Orthodox theological college based in Donvale, has received approval by the University of Divinity to teach three new postgraduate courses in 2017. Receiving the university’s backing to offer postgraduate coursework consolidates SAC’s reputation for academic excellence and is a practical response to the college’s exponential student enrolment growth on the domestic and international markets. The new courses to be delivered by the SAC faculty in the 2017 academic year include a Graduate Diploma in Theology; a Graduate Certificate in Theology and a Graduate Certificate in Divinity. The Graduate Certificate in Theology consists of three units and allows students to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills in theological disciplines. It provides a foundation for further study and a means of engaging Christian thought and traditions. Meanwhile, the Graduate Diploma provides three further subject choices to extend student learning opportunities. It is envisaged that SAC theological studies will also extend to a Master level in due course. Similarly, the Graduate Certificate in Divinity consists of three units and enables students to explore areas of interest in divinity and associated disciplines. It will provide an introduction to theology or philosophy disciplines and associated study areas. These three new awards may also be studied fully online by students across the world. SAC Chancellor and Dean, Bishop Suriel, said he was grateful to the University of Divinity for supporting SAC’s vision to respond to the rapid growth trajectory of student enrolments in 2016, through the provision of new postgraduate course and unit offerings. “Congratulations to our SAC staff on another great achievement and milestone of now being able to offer a raft of quality postgraduate theological coursework,” Bishop Suriel said. “I am very proud of our SAC faculty who have worked tirelessly with our colleagues at the University of Divinity to mobilise the transition of the College into a leading education provider of postgraduate theological coursework, specialising in the Coptic Orthodox faith.” SAC began operating in 2001 and is one of 11 Colleges which make up the University of Divinity in Melbourne.

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