The Metanoia Book Club gathered with for the first time on 4 April 2016 as a social platform to explore the rich treasures of Orthodox literature.

The purpose of the book club is to engage students and those interested in Orthodox texts, locally and internationally, in a spiritual reading program to foster ”˜metanoia’

Metanoia is Greek work meaning ”˜a new way of thinking’ or a ”˜change of heart’ and the first text on the reading list certainly invoked a new mindset.

The reading program began with the new SAC/SVS Press title: A Life of Repentance and Purity by Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory, which was translated by His Grace Bishop Suriel.

To better understand the book, His Grace outlined the vast time and effort invested in publishing the work of Pope Shenouda III, a great and blessed man in the modern Coptic Orthodox Church. His Grace explained the book translation commenced in the late 1980s. After a long hiatus, the book continued to evolve to its current completed state through the support of a research team, editorial board and the love, prayers and contribution of many supporters.

His Grace Bishop Dr Suriel launched the book club through the SAC Press publishing arm, with 20 people attending the first meeting.

All are welcome to join Metanoia Book Club at 100 Park Road Donvale on Monday evenings, 7.30pm. There is also the opportunity to listen to podcasts and updates about the book club on Facebook: