The St Athanasius College logo represents the vision, mission and values of our Coptic Christian Orthodox learning community.

The Coptic cross design chosen for the SAC logo is modelled on Coptic woodwork in The Hanging Church of the Virgin Mary based in Old Cairo, Egypt. The woodwork frames a 14th century Icon of St Mark. The reused wooden frame, dates back to the 12th – 14th centuries. The frame has a series of Coptic cross patterns linked around the outer edge, which form the basis of our modernised SAC logo template.

The ancient Coptic cross from The Hanging Church has purposefully been placed in a contemporary design context. This is to represent a church that is ever ancient with a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge; and ever new with a youthful energy that is creative, innovative and desiring to grow in a deeper love and knowledge of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and of humanity.

The Coptic Cross is at the heart of the logo. The cross represents Jesus Christ and the mystery of the Trinity as being central to our daily lives. Our faith is uniquely expressed through the Coptic Orthodox heritage, passed on to us through the generations from St Mark the Apostle, who was martyred for his Christian beliefs in Egypt.

In the same way our College namesake, St Athanasius, the 20th Patriarch of Alexandria, fought courageously for the truth. It was his hope and joy in the victory of Christ that enabled him to stand firm in his convictions during the Nicene Council and throughout the Arian controversy. Not for nothing did he gain the title “Contra Mundum” (Against the World), for he was as steadfast in his faith and love for Christ as the martyrs who preceded him.

In this historical, cultural and theological backdrop we have chosen three colours for the logo to represent our learning community, seeking to grow in charity, as pilgrims sharing the journey to our heavenly homeland.

  • The colour gold represents eternity and sanctity.
  • The colour red represents redemption, salvation and the blood of martyrs.
  • The colour blue represents our Heavenly homeland.