Welcome to the SAC Library, which contains a unique collection of titles for the study of Coptic Orthodox theology in addition to a range of monographs and journals to support students in their broader studies.

The SAC Library collection consists of almost 4000 books and periodicals which cover topics including: Church History, Patristics, Coptic Studies, Old Testament, New Testament, Iconography and Systematic Theology.

Our main library is located at the Donvale Campus with a second smaller library to open at our Eporo Tower Campus (in the Melbourne CBD) in mid 2017.

Opening Hours are as follows:

Monday: 5pm – 9pm
Tuesday: 1pm – 9pm
Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm
Thursday: 5pm – 9pm
Open by appointment during holidays.


For inquiries:

Deborah Decru
Director of Learning Resources
E: ddecru@sac.edu.au<
T: (03) 8872 8451

The late Fr Victor enjoyed reading and learning from a host of texts available in the SAC Library.
SAC student Rebecca Saad enjoys researching in the SAC Library.