Fr Dr Nebojsa Tumara

Senior Lecturer


This unit will explore vibrant scholarly field that emerges from interplay between cinema studies and theology. Students will gain basic tools that will enable them in further critical exploration of the links between theology and motion picture.  The unit will introduce methodological issues related the field of studies, while modern films will be introduced and analyzed.  The main themes that will be treated include: Faith, God, Jesus Christ, Church and Eschatology. The main question that will be raised during the unit is how movies mediate theology, particularly how modern cinematography represents and interprets Jesus Christ and his life, as well as Christ-like figures.

Required Books: No required books

Pre-Requisite Units: No Pre-requisite units

Online Discussion 25% 1,250 words
Presentation 25% 1,250 words
Essay 50% 2,500 words

Online Discussion 25% 1,500 words
Presentation 25% 1,500 words
Essay 50% 3,000 words

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