Dr Ramez Mikhail



DL - Liturgy


A close reading in translation of the three main descriptions/commentaries on the Coptic eucharistic liturgy by Yuḥannā Ibn Sibā”˜, AbÅ«-l Barakāt Ibn Kabar, and Pope Gabriel V spanning the late 13th to the 15th centuries. Students will acquire an understanding of the unfolding of the Coptic liturgy and its symbolic interpretation in these crucial three centuries, which constitute the final phase in the development of the Coptic liturgy as it survives today. Reading of the original text is supplemented by a discussion of lives and times of the authors, history of Egypt at the time, and knowledge from some contemporaneous Euchologion manuscripts.

Required Books: Mikhail, Maged S.A. From Byzantine to Islamic Egypt: Religion, Identity and Politics after the Arab Conquest. London: I.B. Tauris, 2014.

Essay 50% 2,000 words
Essay 25% 1,000 words
Forum 25% 1,000 words

Essay 50% 3,000 words
Essay 20% 1,000 words
Forum 30% 2,000 words
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