Fr Dr Gregorios Awad

Senior Lecturer


DL - Liturgy


This unit will examine the two important liturgical books used daily in the Coptic church; the Horologion (Agpeya = book of hours) and the book of Psalmodia (book of midnight and evening praise). The Horologion (Agpya) consists of prayers, Psalms, Gospel readings, and “troparia” (petitions) to be said at the various hours of the day and night. Students will gain insight into the historical development and the current structure of the canonical hours and their role in spiritual practice. The liturgical book of Psalmodia consists of Odes, Psalies, Theotokia (veneration to St Mary) and Doxologies which are chanted in the evening and night hours. Students will learn about the historical development and the structure as well as the theological thought preserved in hymnology in this very important liturgical book.

Assessments Undergraduate
Face to Face: Essay (2000 words), Essay (2000 words)
Online: Essay (2000 words), Essay (2000 words)
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