Fr Dr Gregorios Awad

Senior Lecturer


Students undertaking this unit will learn about the two schools of Christological teaching (Alexandria and Antioch) in the early church and the Christological controversies of the 5th century that arose as a result. Students will study the Christological teaching, canons and documents of the two Ecumenical councils, Ephesus (431) and Chalcedon (451), focusing on the Christological debate. The Christological stand of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, particularly the position of the Coptic Church, will be explored, compared and contrasted to the definition adopted at the Council of Chalcedon. The unit will cover the efforts to reconcile the two views on the relationship of the Divinity and Humanity of the incarnated Christ from the 5th century until the modern dialogue in the 20th  and 21st centuries.

Required Books: TBA

Pre-Requisite Units: One unit in the discipline of Systematic Theology

Undergraduate: Essay, 3,000 words, Essay 2,500 words
Postgraduate: Essay, 3,000 words, Essay 2,500 words
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