Ashraf Gerges was born in Egypt in 1965 and graduated from The Institute of Coptic Studies in 1988, going on to complete advanced studies in Coptic iconography. In 1990 he obtained a Master degree in Coptic Iconography on The Meaning and Theology of Coptic Iconography. After completing his postgraduate studies, Ashraf was chosen to assist the world-famous authority on Coptic Iconography the late Dr Isaac Fanous, head of the Coptic Art department in teaching Coptic Iconography at the Institute of Coptic Studies. Upon moving to Australia in 2002, Ashraf was asked by His Grace Bishop Suriel, Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions to expand his mission to writing icons and teaching at SAC.  Ashraf’s work has been exhibited worldwide. Over sixty churches around the world have been decorated with icons and murals created by him. He has also received the Silver Medal from The Orthodox Culture Centre in Venice, Italy, for his achievements in the field of Orthodox studies.


Coptic Art; Iconography