SAC End of Year Vespers and Celebration

Sunday December 18

5:00pm – 8:00pm

At 100 Park Road, Donvale

5:00pm                 Vespers

5:30pm                 Awards and Prizes

Prizes and awards are presented to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in recognition of excellent performance during, or at the completion of their courses. While both prize and award recipients are nominated by faculty members, a prize is awarded to recognise a student’s academic or other achievement, for example, leadership or involvement in College life and is awarded to a student at the completion of a particular course. In contrast, an award is granted to a student to encourage or assist them to pursue their studies, rather than at the conclusion of their studies.

               * Academic Excellence Award in Humanities

               *  Academic Excellence Award in Biblical Studies

                * Academic Excellence Award in Christian Thought and History

                * Academic Excellence Award in Theology: Mission and Ministry

               *  St Habib Girgis Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement (Graduate)

6:00pm                 Speeches

                               * His Grace

                               *  2 Students (Angelos Sourial and Marcelle Ghaly )

                                * Studies in 2017  – Rev Dr Peter Dobson

6:30pm                 Dinner and Fellowship

8:00pm                 Close

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