St Athanasius College (SAC) has established a Student Alumni Association and warmly welcomes past student involvement and suggestions on future directions.

As SAC evolves, expands subject and course offerings and builds new facilities and resources, it is inherent to share good news stories with past students who helped to pioneer our shared success.

It is also important to the SAC community that our past students know they are encouraged to participate in the life of the College (e.g. vespers, barbecues, liturgies and retreats), and broader diocesan activities, even if they are not actively studying at the moment.

We were delighted to have many past students attend an inaugural event, the Resurrection Dinner, in May 2016. Each past student in attendance was publicly honoured for completing their studies and was gifted with a SVS/SAC Press book to acknowledge their achievement.

For enquiries contact:
Maggie Trainor
Director of Marketing and Communications
T: 03 8872 8457