St Pachomius Student Wing

The St Pachomius Student Wing at the Donvale Campus accommodates full-time, part-time and visiting students.

It is located on 22 acres of bushland and adjoins St Athanasius Church as well as the library, bookstore, lecture theatres, student lounge and more.

Studying, sharing meals and worshiping together form the key elements of a rich and rewarding community life on campus.

Donvale is located 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD. It is close to the Eastern Freeway, Mitcham Train Station and major shopping and recreational facilities.

Full-time Student Accommodation Rates

Full-time SAC Student Weekly Rate: $120

Full-time SAC Student Semester Rate: $2000

Full-time SAC Student Annual Rate: $4000

Nb: A semester is generally 17 weeks.

Part-time Student Accommodation Rates

Part-time SAC Student or a non-SAC Student is charged a standard Weekly Rate: $250

Other Accommodation Rates

Other/Visitors Nightly Rate: $55 (incl GST)

NB: Stays of 28 days or less will include GST


Please apply to stay at the St Pachomius Student Wing by filling in our online Accommodation Form.


The Liturgical Life

Our liturgical program  provides spiritual nourishment for students. The Divine Liturgy is prayed every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. The community also gathers for daily morning and evening prayers, and weekly college vespers, praises and raising of incense in St Athanasius Church.

In addition to this, SAC hosts an annual retreat for students during Lent as a valuable time for reflection, renewal, formation and social connection in a beautiful rural setting.


Please contact Director of Academic Administration

Rev Dr Peter Dobson


T: 03 8872 8452