The SAC Lectureship Fund Requires Donors to Help Build a Legacy of Spiritual and Cultural Formation Please consider gifting a donation to the SAC Lectureship Fund to promote Coptic culture, spirituality and build up a strong faith foundation for our local churches. SAC has been offering specialised Coptic Orthodox theological education in the Diocese of Melbourne for almost 20 years. Funding quality SAC lecturers is vital to the ongoing success of the college, and our diocese, because formal education instils Christian values, theological expertise and our precious Coptic traditions. Every donation supports non-specific SAC lecturers, to provide theological formation and spiritual development for this generation and future generations. Effectively every donation freely gifted builds up the Kingdom of God by forming the minds and hearts of students to prepare them for ministry within a myriad of fields. SAC is one of 11 affiliate colleges which operate under the auspices of the University of Divinity, and by ticking our College name on the official donation form, all funds will be redirected to a nominated SAC lecturer and the tax benefits made available to the donor. The University of Divinity is a higher education provider established in 1910 and is a registered charity. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Download a donation form at or contact Dorothy (Monday-Thursday) via T: 03 8872 8400 or E:

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