Semester 2 Enrolment Dates

Monday 17th July 2017      Final date for new admissions

Sunday 23rd July 2017     Final date for re-enrolment for existing students

Monday 31st July 2017   Semester 2 classes begin

Tuesday 22nd August 2017      Census date: This is the last day to change your enrolment or withdraw from a unit without incurring a penalty

Re-enrolment Information

For students who have previously enrolled in units in the Diploma in Theology or for a Single Subject at SAC and are intending to continue their studies please fill out the Re-enrolment Form for Coursework Students.

You can fill in the form directly in Microsoft Word and type your name in the signature box. Use the for assistance.

Variations of Enrolment

After enrolling you have until the census date to make changes without financial penalty. If a change is required e.g. withdrawal from a unit or adding an additional unit, you MUST complete the Unit of Study Amendment Form and submit to the Director of Academic Administrarion for processing.

Change of Information

Use the Course Amendment Form to advise of: Leave or withdrawal from course; Change of College; Support variation; Financial variation; Other variations; Special circumstances; or Variations to fee payment methods.

Coursework Course and Unit Transfer Application Form

Use the Course Transfer and Unit Transfer Form to:

  1. Change from one course to another, usually involving the transfer of all units from the current course to the new course
  2. Transfer units from one course to another.

Please take note of the information below to avoid any issues when varying enrolments.

Before Census Date: Students can withdraw/change without financial or academic penalty e.g. a ‘fail grade’.

After Census Date and before the end of Week 8: Students will have to pay the full unit fee but not incur an academic penalty e.g. a ‘fail grade’.

No form received: Students will have a fail grade registered against any units they enrolled in, and forfeit any fees paid.

For more information please contact the Director of Academic Administration Dr Peter Dobson:


T: 03 8872 8452