I am delighted to welcome local, interstate and international students to St Athanasius College (SAC) to participate in our online and on site classes as part-time and full-time students.

I welcome school graduates, university students, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, ministry workers and seminarians to study theology and be spiritually formed.

The College is on a growth trajectory. Our new Eporo Tower Campus, opening in the CBD in mid 2017, will present new learning opportunities for both Melbourne-based and interstate students.

The new city campus will be part of a Coptic cultural and spiritual hub including a bookstore, gallery space, conference room and a beautifully ornate Church.

At SAC we offer a selection of rich, diverse and distinctly Orthodox theological units in the School of Alexandria tradition, as founded by St Mark the Apostle.

SAC has delivered theological courses in the Coptic Orthodox Christian tradition since 2000 and was accredited in 2011 as a College of the University of Divinity.

We have built a reputation for thought leadership through our Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. We also now offer postgraduate options with our Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses. It is anticipated SAC students can progress their scholarship to a Masters level commencing in 2018.

I wish you every success in your studies. May your God-given talents shine and may all that you do in your life be for the glory of God.