His Grace Bishop Associate Professor Anba Suriel, PhD, is the SAC Chancellor and Dean and lectures in Religious Education, teaching units in religious education, youth ministry, comparative religions and pastoral ministry.  In 1991 he was tonsured a monk in the 4th century monastic Desert of Scetis at St. Bishoy Monastery, and served there as secretary to His Holiness Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory. His Grace was ordained a priest in 1993 and served as parish priest at St Mark parish in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1996-1997. He was ordained a general bishop in June 1997 and appointed to oversee the Coptic Archdiocese in New Jersey and to serve the youth of the tristate. On December 4, 1999 Bishop Suriel was enthroned as Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions. While living in the USA, Bishop Suriel commenced theological studies at Chaminade University, HI and at St Vladimir’s Seminary, NY. After being appointed to Melbourne he completed his Masters in Religious Education at ACU. Several of Bishop Suriel’s papers have been published by academic journals and he has published through SAC Press and SVS Press. Bishop Suriel successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled “Habib Girgis, Coptic orthodox Educator and A light in the Darkness” at Fordham University, NY on 20th March, 2014.


Religious Education; Youth Ministry; Comparative Religions; Homiletics and Pastoral Theology