Individual unit study is a means of participating in classes without completing a full award (such as a Diploma in Theology). St Athanasius College (SAC) offers options for student to progress individual unit study which are as follows:

Audit Studies

An audit student is one who has paid a nominal fee in order to attend a particular class. An audit student is not expected to:
• Purchase prescribed text books;
• Undertake the prescribed reading or
• Undertake assignment tasks.
An audit student is an observer, learning from, but not actively participating in the classroom experience.

Students enrolled into formal courses are required to undertake all prescribed reading for the unit and to enter into discussion with lecturers and other students at a level appropriate to their level of study. Audit students are generally not able to contribute at the required level, and are therefore asked to simply observe and learn from the classroom interactions without actively participating in them.

Audit students may be excluded from classroom sessions that require student interaction in discussions of a high order or a confidential/personal nature. Audit students are not issued student cards and do not have borrowing privileges at the Library.

Fill out the Audit Enrolment Form using this link.

Single Subject Studies

People who do not intend to complete a full course of study but want to study one or two units for credit may enrol as Single Subject students. Single Subject students are expected to complete all the requirements of the unit.
Single subject study is available for a maximum of four units. Should students reach this limit and wish to continue formal learning, they will be asked to apply for entry to a course of study. Please note that all pre-requisites apply to single subject students. Also, FEE-HELP is not available for single subject enrolments. Single Subject and Cross Institutional Admission Form

Cross Institutional Studies

Cross Institutional Studies enable students, under certain conditions, to undertake units at one institution (the Host Provider) to be credited towards an award which they are completing at another institution (the Home Provider).

For example, a student may be enrolled in a Diploma in Theology at SAC but apply to study a Missiology unit at the Melbourne School of Theology for credit in their SAC Diploma. Or, a student may be enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University and request to complete a unit in Coptic Language at SAC to be included in this award.

There are two categories of Cross Provider students.
Outgoing students are enrolled and graduating from SAC but are wanting to enrol in one or more units at another institution.
Incoming students are enrolled and graduating from another institution wanting to enrol in one or more units of study at SAC.

Single Subject and Cross Institutional Admission Form

Audit: $350 per unit (Note: may be higher for intensive courses/international guest lecturers)
Single Subject and Cross Institutional Study: $1,584 per unit undergraduate or $2,448 per unit postgraduate

Payment options for Individual Study
Audit: Creditcard, Cheque.
Single Subject: Creditcard, BPay, Cheque, Parish Sponsorship.
Cross Institutional: Creditcard, BPay, Cheque, FEE-HELP.