Welcome to St Athanasius College (SAC) which specialises in Coptic Orthodox theological studies online and on campus.

We support local and international students as they journey towards a deeper understanding of Orthodox Christianity and spirituality, helping them grow in their faith as they prepare for diverse fields of ministry.

Christian fellowship, liturgical worship and learning are at the heart of our community. SAC provides a positive and supportive learning environment nurturing spiritual growth and cultivating the gifts of each individual. This is achieved through the pursuit of prayer, knowledge, communication, service and fellowship to each other, through the Grace of God.

The College equips students with the ministry skills and confidence to serve in the priesthood and religious life. It also prepares lay people to serve as theologians, religious educators, youth leaders and mission workers.

SAC embraces those who wish to learn about our shared Christian heritage and Orthodox teachings as full-time and part-time students.

For almost 20 years, SAC has offered courses in diverse fields of theology. We offer postgraduate and undergraduate study options on campus and online. New postgraduate offerings to be delivered in 2017 include a Graduate Diploma in Theology, a Graduate Certificate in Theology and a Graduate Certificate in Divinity. SAC continues to offer a diverse range of study units through our foundational Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

Residential facilities are onsite for full-time and part-time students, to help them more fully participate in liturgy, prayer and community life.

Classes are delivered at our Donvale Campus, based on 22 acres of tranquil bushland in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. And from mid-2017 students can also study at our Eporo Tower Campus conveniently located in La Trobe Street in the Melbourne CBD.

Our college is named after St Athanasius, the great pillar and defender of the Scriptural doctrine of Christ. St Athanasius the Apostolic (20th Pope of Alexandria) stood boldly in defence of the biblical doctrine of Christ. We follow in the footsteps of St Athanasius by preserving the Gospel truth now and for future generations.